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English Spring Program

Kids' English Spring Program

Writing Intensive Course
Date March 24th, March 25th
Time 10:00am4:00pm (6 hours)
For Open to returnees and students who attend or graduate from an international school
Cost:¥18,900 (Tax and lunch fee

Students will practice the writing process for 2 days through brain storming, drafting, editing and presenting completed work. They will understand that the writing process is an essential exercise to improve their writing skills.

*Before taking this class, applicants need to submit about a 100 words writing sample pertaining to the given picture.

Spring School
Date March 26th March 28th
Time 10:00am3:00pm(5 hours)
For Open to returnees, students who attend or graduate from an international school
Cost:¥30,000 (Tax and lunch fee

Students who attend this program will intensively study English for 3 days through arts & crafts and some experiments, depending on the theme. This program will also provide the opportunity for students to strengthen their writing and reading skills.

Please contact Tokyo YMCA Toyocho Language Center (03-3615-5567) to register for this program.
Writing Intensive Course
日にち:3月24日(土), 3月25日(日)
時 間:10時~16時 (6時間)
対 象: 国内インターナショナルスクール在籍、卒業生、帰国生向け
費 用:¥18,900 (昼食代・税込み)


Spring School
日にち: 3月26日(月)~ 3月28日(水)
時 間:10時~15時 (5時間)
対 象:国内インターナショナルスクール在籍、卒業生、帰国生向け
費 用:¥30,000 (昼食代・税金込み)