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Field Trips & Outdoor Programs

Enjoy the richness of hands-on experiences in the city and the countryside.

Field Trip & Outdoor Program Two annual camp excursions and class field trips constitute an important part of the curriculum at TYIS.

In addition to teacher-led field trips to local places of interest to augment the curriculum and provide hands-on learning experiences, all students, participate in a three-day Fall Camp (in October) and a four-day Ski Camp (in early February) as part of the regular academic program. Not only do students experience an opportunity to learn outdoor skills away from the classroom environment, they also benefit from learning proper social and communication skills in an active and supportive hands-on environment.

Students are also invited to participate in our optional winter,spring,and summer school program. "The programs run from one to two weeks." In addition, there are a variety of cross-cultural opportunities organized by the YMCA that include summer camps in the U.S. (N.Y. and Hawaii).

Naoki (2nd Grade)

"I like Ski Camp"

I am a good Skier. I like Ski Camp. We go to the Ski area and Ski down the mountain!

Mr. Utley

Mr. Utley (P.E. teacher)

I'm very happy to be able to share my experiences in and respect for nature with the YMCA boys and girls. It's so important that young people learn grace and appreciation of their environment.