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Access to YMCA Sports Facilities and over 5000 picture books and novels


The TYIS library is an integral part of our academic program. Students have access to library books on a daily basis, and are carefully guided by teachers to select books within a particular grade level range to maximize reading comprehension and enjoyment. The library has over 5,000 picture books and novels in a variety of genres, most of these being marked and labeled as Accelerated Reader books. New books are added to the library on a regular basis. click photo to enlarge

Meguna (5th Grade)

"It's easy to find a lot of books that fit you."

I particularly like TYIS’s library because the nonfiction books are separate from the other books. This helps because I started to like nonfiction books after I took part in a program that TYIS encouraged students to read nonfiction. Also, the various books in our library are shelved by levels. This way, it’s easy to find a lot of books that fit you all at once. There are many more reasons why I like our library, but these are my main ones.

Swimming Pool

TYIS students can enjoy swimming all through the year in YMCA’s indoor 25 meter swimming pool. A Shallow swimming pool is also available for younger grade students. click photo to enlarge

Big Gym

YMCA’s full size gymnasium is available for playing basketball and other indoor PE activities. click photo to enlarge

Roof-top Soccer Courts and Parks

Outside space for sports or even for just having fun is valuable to the students.
TYIS students enjoy access to our rooftop soccer courts and often visit nearby neighborhood parks for outdoor activities. click photo to enlarge