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Students access effective and limitless avenues of learning.

At TYIS we feel that technology is an essential tool for student learning. It is important that the knowledge and skills students are acquiring in school are aligned with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the increasingly global, technology infused 21st Century workplace. To meet this objective there are various technology-based education programs implemented at TYIS.

Computer Classes on Mac

TechnologyAll students G1 to G6 have weekly computer classes to develop projects which are integrated with the mainstream curriculum. Students use Apple MacBooks to compose literary pieces, design brochures, create multimedia presentations and commercials, make podcasts, learn keyboarding skills and use digital cameras to record still images and movies.

Noah (6th Grade)

"We do lots of interesting things"

I like computer class because we do lots of interesting things like making movies with a camera.

English in a Flash

English in a FlashEnglish in a Flash is an English language learning software program offered by Renaissance Place based in the United States.

Each student is tested for his or her current English language ability and the lessons are then presented depending upon their level of proficiency. Each lesson displays images and provides the correct pronunciation associated with the image. The program is fast-paced and students repeat the vocabulary in unison with the program.

The program consists of 3 libraries with 15 chapters in each library. Each chapter has 90 vocabulary words for a total of 4,050 English words. As students progress through the chapters, single vocabulary terms are combined into sentence structures of increasing difficulty.

This program enables students to quickly improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. All EEP and Kindergarten students are enrolled in this program.

Accelerated Reader

●●●●The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is a reading-based system that tracks the development of students’ reading skills. The program keeps a running record of assessment reflecting student quiz scores about books they have read. AR is an individualized program where students read at their appropriate level and take computer generated quizzes after finishing the book.

At the beginning of every semester, students take the STAR Reading Test to determine their current reading level. The program monitors students’ answers during the test and adjusts the difficulty level of the questions. This process enhances the validity of the test results. The results are then used to select books from the library at the students’ appropriate reading levels, which are then read at their own pace. After reading the book, the students take a multiple choice quiz for the book on a computer.

The program offers teachers insight to the challenges and achievements of individual students. Parents are also able to follow their child’s progress and reading list through the Renaissance Place "Home Connect" feature.

The program offers quizzes in three key areas: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skills. Also available are quizzes for every grade based on selections from the Houghton Mifflin Reading anthologies used at TYIS. At the end of every month, students receive achievement certificates based on a point system that correlates with the books they have read and the scores achieved on quizzes.

Here at TYIS, the AR program has been a huge success. Students are consistently motivated to read more challenging books. The school library collection is available at the AR Bookfinder website.

Other Technology Initiatives

For more efficient and increased school parent communication the school maintains a school-wide blog. Each staff member also maintains a class blog to provide parents updated information about individual classrooms. Parents are also provided access to a photo website in order to obtain student pictures from a variety of school events.