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Redhot & Blue Choir Group from Yale University


On May 18th, seventeen Yale University students came to our school to have a coeducational a cappella concert. The students were the members of "Redhot & Blue of Yale," which is a group that performs a cappella music across the globe. Each year, the members fly around the USA and the world to share their music. This year, they came to Japan to perform.
About 120 people, including TYIS and Kids Garden students, came to enjoy their performance. When the members started singing songs in a cappella, the students looked deeply moved and started to concentrate on the music. The group performed about an hour, singing many famous songs.
TYIS students held a spring concert in April and performed Michael Jackson songs. So when Michael Jackson's "ABC" was performed, the TYIS students were really excited and started singing along.
After the performance, we had a chance to ask the members questions. Many students raised their hand and asked questions like, "Where do you practice?" and "Is it your first time to visit Japan?" It was a good time to enjoy live music and also to have interaction with university students from the United States.