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TYIS Orientation Sessions

TYIS will be hosting Informational Sessions for parents and families who are interested in learning more about the school, the curriculum and the education it provides for students. We also explain about our Spring Enrollment Program, which is starting in April 2014. If you are interested in attending, please contact the TYIS office and confirm your attendance for the day.

Date Dec 10(Tues), Jan 14(Tues), Jan 28 (Tues), Feb 6(Thur), Feb 27(Thur),
Mar 4(Tues), Mar 11(Tues)
Time 10:30 AM12:00PM
Venue Tokyo YMCA International School
Phone 03-3615-5632
We are also still accepting applicants, including children who have returned from overseas, or who have moved from overseas, if there is enough space in the class. Please feel free to contact the office staff directly to get more detailed information.
TYISでは、下記の日程で2014年度入学生対象の学校説明会を開催致します。当校の教育方針やカリキュラムについてご説明致します。また、4月より始まる春入学プログラムについてもご案内致します。ご興味のある方は、TYIS オフィスへお申し込み下さい。