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Informational Sessions September to December

TYIS will be hosting Informational Sessions for parents and families who are interested in learning more about the school, the curriculum and the education it provides for students. If you are interested in attending, please contact the TYIS office and confirm your attendance for the day.

Sept 8, Sept 29, October 13, October 27, Nov 10,Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 15(Tue)
【Time】10:30 AM ~ 12:00PM
【Place】 Tokyo YMCA International School

ご希望の方は、TYIS オフィスへお申し込みください。皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。

【時 間】10時30分 ~ 12時
【場 所】東京YMCAインターナショナルスクール