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Live Together. Welcome to Tokyo YMCA NIHONGO GAKUIN.

Tokyo YMCA Nihongo Gakuin offers…

[Special Admission to Tokyo YMCA Professional Schools]

Graduates of Nihongo Gakuin who wish to enter one of the Tokyo YMCA professional schools are eligible for special admission and are exempted from paying the application fee.

[Plenty of Extracurricular Programs and Events]

Students have many opportunities to apply the Japanese that they have learned in the classroom by participating in programs with YMCA professional schools and child centers, as well as events such as festivals in the community.

[Volunteer Supporters]

Make friends in Japan. Japanese volunteer supporters are available for students who wish to speak with someone in Japanese or to go sightseeing.

[Access to YMCA Facilities]

Students have access to various facilities, such as the wellness center and cafeteria at the YMCA Toyocho Center, and campgrounds and training centers outside of Tokyo.

[A Reliable Public Interest Incorporated Foundation]

Tokyo YMCA is a nationally accredited nonprofit organization. Since its establishment in 1880, the Tokyo YMCA has been carrying out a variety of activities in the hope that young people can achieve holistic development.


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