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The Aim of the YMCA Japanese Language Program

The YMCA Japanese Language Program promotes the global understanding and the development of a harmonious society. The YMCA is open to all regardless of nationality, ethnic background, religion or gender.

The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) was founded in London in 1844 and serves more than about 65 million people in about 120 countries regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion or differences in ideology.
Tokyo YMCA
The Tokyo YMCA was established in 1880 as the first YMCA in Japan. The Tokyo YMCA carries out activities, which contribute to local communities in an attempt to create a just and peaceful world, in the hope that young people can achieve holistic development of their spirits, minds, and bodies.
Tokyo YMCA

Tokyo YMCA History

1844 YMCA founded in London
1880 Tokyo YMCA established
1890 Opening of English School
1909 Introduced basketball and volleyball (originated in North American YMCA) to Japan
1917 Opened first gymnasium and in-door swimming pool in Japan
1923 Camp Yamanaka opened as the first organized campground in Japan
1935 Opening of College of Hotel Management
1951 Opening of Koto YMCA Preschool
1980 100th Anniversary
Opening of Tokyo YMCA College of Physical Education and Childcare Society
1988 Toyocho Center established
1990 Tokyo-Bangladesh YMCA Partnership formed
1992 Tokyo-Peking YMCA Partnership formed
1996 1996 Opening of Tokyo YMCA College of Human Care
1998 1998 Childcare Center established
Opening of International School
2000 Tokyo-Seoul YMCA Partnership formed


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