Application Information

Student Visa Holders

May be enrolled at anytime so long as there is space available

From Application to Admission

STEP1 Apply for a Free Trial Lesson First trial lesson is free. Please email, call or fax the following information: 1) Name 2) Preferable class 3) Contact information (phone number, email address) 4) Native language 5) For childcare service, child’s name and age

YMCA will contact you regarding the date and time of the free trial lesson
STEP2 Submission of Application Students may be required to have an interview or level-check test to determine Japanese ability
STEP3 Submission of Application Upon submission of an application form, tuition must be paid in cash or bank transfer.
STEP4 Start of Lesson  

Students Who Wish to Apply for a Student Visa

Admission Criteria

1. Courses Offered 2-year Comprehensive Japanese Course 1- year, 6 months Comprehensive Japanese Course
2. Admission Period April October
3. Application Period
*Please contact us for details
Late October of preceding year of admission Late April of year of admission
4. Eligibility for Application ①Must have completed 12 or more years of schooling or have the equivalent of a high school diploma.

② Has studied basic Japanese
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N4, J. Test EF Level or higher desirable

③Has a clear purpose for wanting to study Japanese and has guaranteed financial resources during their stay in Japan

From Application to Admission

STEP1 Application (Please call in advance to make an appointment) A guarantor or representative must come to the school to submit your application with the Selection Fee enclosed. We will not accept applications that are mailed to us.
STEP2 School Review・Selection After the application review and selection process, the guarantor or representative will be notified of the results.
STEP3 Application Filed with the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau In addition to the application papers that we have received from you, we will attach a Letter of Admission, and send to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility.
* The YMCA Nihongo Gakuin will be notified by the Immigration Bureau regarding the results by the end of the February for April Admission, and by the end of August for October Admission.
STEP4 Enrollment Procedures (Receiving the Certificate of Eligibility) The Immigration Bureau will deliberate the applicant’s eligibility and send the results to the YMCA Nihongo Gakuin. Please pay the specified amount.
After confirming payment, we will send the Certificate of Eligibility to your representative or have it hand-delivered to you by an overseas educational consultant.
STEP5 Visa Application Submit the Certificate of Eligibility, the Letter of Admission and your passport to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your home country and apply for a visa.
The process typically takes 1-2 weeks.
The Certificate of Eligibility is valid for 3 months. Please come to Japan during those valid months.
STEP6 Arrival ・Orientation Before the start of classes, there will be an orientation whereby students will receive information regarding the school’s educational philosophy, and regulations etc., and take a level-check test to determine class placement. Please inform us in advance if you are unable to arrive in Japan or come to school by the orientation date.

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