Over the years, many of our graduating students have moved on to successful experiences in other international schools in Tokyo and Japan as well as various countries around the world.

Below are some testimonials of some of our graduates and where they have gone over the years.

VOICE of our Alumni and previous students


VOICE of our TYIS community 2018

Parent 1

TYIS provides both a competitive academic curriculum and a strong physical activity program. My child makes incredible memories at fall camp and ski camp every year.

Parent 2

TYIS has great academics and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities in a safe environment. Students are treated respectfully and are taught to treat others with respect.

Student Grade 2

I like this school because there are lots of special events.

Student Grade 3

I like TYIS because I like to see my friends smile and my teachers to greet me, and I also like that I get to spend time with my friends and teachers.

Student Grade 5

TYIS is an amazing school, you can be true to yourself.Teachers continuously try to improve you to be better, smarter and more kind.

Student Grade 71

In TYIS, a lot of students are friendly, and I made a lot of friends! In middle school, we go on a trip together which is great fun.

Teacher Elementary Division

As a teacher, I love seeing students get excited for all our special events and engaging their curious minds every day.

Teacher Middle School Division

The YMCA is a place to connect. Whether to people, places or new ideas, we focus on building positive relationships for our students.

Office Staff Administration Team

The YMCA is a place where people come together to learn and grow in a rigorous academic program and take part in a rich school experience.