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The TYIS library is an integral part of our academic program. Students have access to library books on a daily basis, and are carefully guided by teachers to select books within a particular reading range to maximize comprehension and overall enjoyment. The TYIS library has over 10,000 picture books and novels in a variety of genres. New books are added to the library on a regular basis which are organized and incorporated into the library by PTA-parent volunteers and student volunteers.

Swimming Pool

TYIS students enjoy swimming all year in the indoor 25-meter swimming pool. The depth of the pool is a consistent 1.5 meters, allowing for a safer swimming environment. Additionally, a separate shallow swimming pool with an adjustable floor depth is available for younger, beginning swimmers.

Big Gym

Full-size gymnasium is used for weekly Physical Education courses, recess breaks and some after-school club activities.

Roof-top Activity Area

The rooftop of the building holds two full-size tennis courts and a futsal court. These areas are used by TYIS for Physical Education classes, recess breaks and some after-school club activities.