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K5~Middle School Curriculum

Mainstream Curriculum

The foundation of our curriculum at TYIS is based on learning outcomes and content standards from a North American perspective. Our standards, which include the Common Core, are further adapted to focus on a cohesive learning progression across grades to ensure that students master the knowledge necessary to succeed at each level. Our rigorous curriculum provides opportunities for students to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to express themselves in unique ways. In addition to the core subjects of study (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies), co-curricular classes integrate with the curriculum to enrich and enhance the content of the and overall student learning experience. Co-curricular classes are provided once a week for all grade levels and include physical education, swimming, music, art, computer skills and Japanese. TYIS incorporates a variety of social and life skill-oriented activities and events throughout the school year to increase the quality of student experience. This includes but is not limited to our annual fall and ski camps, the science fair and science field trip to a Japanese school, all school spelling bee, talent show, sports day, seasonal spring concert, and our essential core values program. Additionally, an ongoing professional development program and evaluation system supports teacher growth in areas such as pedagogy (the study of how best to teach), inclusion and equity, technology, and discipline-specific knowledge. Overall, the TYIS curriculum incorporates an ambitious focus on developing young learners into becoming independent, creative and proactive global citizens who understand the importance of high academic achievement and acting as responsible global citizens.

K5 Curriculum

The TYIS Kindergarten program is designed to help every child reach their full potential through a process of learning that is coherent, relevant, and age appropriate. TYIS understands that children need to be critically literate in order to use information, make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and thrive in a dynamic school and global community. Therefore, it is important for children to be connected to the curriculum, and to see themselves in what is taught, how it is taught and how it applies to the world around them. TYIS recognizes that the needs of learners are diverse and helps all learners develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to become informed, productive, caring, responsible, and active citizens of their own communities and in the world.

Elementary Curriculum

TYIS offers an elementary curriculum taught in English that is rigorous and challenging. The core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, are structured around North American content standards that accommodate the flexibility for an international student body. Students are provided opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to express themselves through various mediums.

Language Arts at TYIS is the foundation core subject. The program specifically focuses on close-reading skills and the ability to support opinions using text evidence within different genres of literacy. In addition, TYIS uses the Accelerated Reader program (AR) as a support to our language arts curriculum. AR encourages students to consistently read books at, or slightly above their reading levels. Teachers in turn, conference with students and support their progress to higher levels of reading comprehension.

At TYIS, elementary education is a lot more than just grades and report cards. Elementary education leads to bigger and better student experiences. It is usually the first time that adults other than family members supervise and guide social behavior. The overall goal of the TYIS elementary curriculum and programs is to develop essential social skills for life and to prepare young learners for higher levels of academic performance. TYIS ensures a quality elementary education for our students which in turn, is key to the success in their future school career.

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Middle School Curriculum

The TYIS middle school curriculum aims to transition maturing students into academic studies of greater depth and research. Middle School is a time of transition and preparation for greater academic demands. We want students to develop positive attitudes and beliefs about themselves as learners. We prompt them to develop behaviors and routines to set and meet goals, doing quality work and seeking support to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Classes are organized within a block system, which incorporate 90-minute sessions for the core subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies. Student continue to develop and master a variety of study strategies including text-based inquiry, close reading, analytical annotation, challenges posed by technological advances, presentations and project-based learning.

Our middle school students come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is important to foster global responsibility & citizenship and to encourage international awareness and understanding. We acknowledge the fact that middle school students are going through transformational stages of development and TYIS is dedicated to provide the support necessary to navigate these challenges. We want to value their uniqueness, and honor each individual student’s right to personal choice and responsible action.


TYIS students are assessed using formative and summative strategies throughout the school year in all subject areas. Parents are informed of progress through classroom teacher communication, three report card cycles, classroom blogs and Parent/Teacher conferences. Student writing portfolios are used for progress monitoring throughout the elementary program. Additionally,TYIS uses an online academic support program (iReady) for language arts and math. This is an additional reporting structure to reflect student progress and provide ongoing academic support throughout the year. Students also take computer-based quizzes after reading books in the Accelerated Reader program.

Academic Support for Kids (ASK)

The goal of the ASK program is to promote the best possible academic success for students who are below level in any subject. ASK classes include individualized and small group support in language arts, math, science and social studies. ASK also includes English language learners who are not at grade level in their English language development. Students are supported outside, or assisted within the mainstream classroom depending on the specific learning plan.