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Spring Enrollment Program Starts Soon!

We provide education for Grades 1-6, through an English-based academic curriculum. Every April, TYIS offers a convenient opportunity for parents who are interested in pursuing an international education for their children. The aim of the TYIS Spring Enrollment Program is to support a smoother transition for students into the Grade 1 classroom, and our English-based school environment. The program is a three month English immersion class, five days a week during school hours. There is also an option to attend the TYIS Summer Program.

The Orientation Session will be held on February 27th(Thu) and March 4th(Tue). We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


TYISでは、3月に幼稚園・保育園を卒園し、夏休み明けの9月から新年度のGrade1に入学を希望する方を対象に、TYIS 春入学プログラム(4〜6月/週5日)をご案内しています。入学前準備として3カ月間集中して英語を学び、よりスムーズにGrade 1の授業や英語を使う学習環境へ適応できるようサポート致します。また、夏休み中はサマー・プログラムへも参加することもできます。