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Volunteer & Contribution

The YMCA is a unique international organization that involves many volunteers who help support its programs while serving the greater community. TYIS invokes the same culture, and works to support volunteer members in various ways. TYIS also works to provide our students with opportunities to contribute.

Parents are valuable partners and help to create a richer educational environment. Attending field trips, outdoor camps, fund raising events, and supporting school events are an important and part of parent contributions.

Donations and Volunteering 2018!

1– Collected 6 people and 100,000JPY to support challenged children and invigorated the crowd with our dance team at the Charity Run 2018.

2– Collected 213,000JPY in support of Bangladesh children, helping them attend school and get an education. Over 196, children, teenagers and adults worked together to achieve this goal.

3– Collected 56,558JPY out of 100,000JPY target for our TYIS Bangladesh Fundraising.

Shinjuku Donation Drive

On Saturday, September 15th 2018, it was a rainy day.
We left school like going on a field trip.
But, by the time we reached Shinjuku station, the rain stopped and students were excited about participating in the Street Donation.
The activity started little, shy, small voices but as soon as students saw people's attention to their voices and started donating money into their boxes, students naturally raised their voic es and their confidence.
18 KG/TYIS students, parents and teachers were a strong part of the Tokyo YMCA community working towards the same goal.
This year, a total of 196 people were involved in this event and we raised ¥213,467 for supporting the education of children in Bangladesh who have difficulties going to school. Through this experience, we are sure that students learned something about donating and got interested in working for the betterment of others. We would like to keep learning about supporting others not only at street donation event but in many ways throughout the school year.

Charity Run 2018

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, TYIS Parents, Students, and Staff participated in the annual YMCA Charity Run. The YMCA Charity Run is a team-based relay held every year at Kiba Park in Tokyo. The goal for the YMCA Charity Run is to raise funds and awareness for challenged children. Funds raised at this event help provide a variety of exciting programs for challenged children as well as supporting their communities and families. This year, the TYIS Dance Team performed at the Opening Ceremony to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. TYIS also had its very own relay team named “Team Spirit.” Our team consisted of Ms. Vanessa, Takumi’s dad, Soomin’s mom and dad, Junewoo’s dad, and Mr. Hangai from YMCA Sports College. The TYIS team came in 33rd place, which is 5 better than last year. We look forward to continuing to show our support for this great event and having even more participation from our TYIS Family next year. Join us for “Love on the Run!”

Support the Charity Run 2017!

Buy a T-shirt– Support the Charity Run

Rice and Razor Donations

We thank all parents and students who donated rice and razors. The grade 3 class collected over 350kgs of rice and over 50 disposable razors! Way to go TYIS community! On Monday the 19th, the grade 3 students, teachers and staff will go to Sanyukai, a homeless community, by bus to deliver the donations. While they are there they will take a tour to see how homeless people live and to learn about their way of life. The children have also prepared artwork and letters and sent them previously. This event is sure to make an impression upon the children and be a wonderful event to learn about real life issues, to exercise the heart muscle and show that they care.

Tokyo YMCA Charity Run!

The TYIS family made another strong bond through the event “YMCA International Charity Run”. Not only did we participate on the day but we also raised funds and built a running team “Spirit.” This was our first experience to have a Charity Run team from TYIS. 6 runners consisting of TYIS parents and YMCA staff did a beautiful job. They placed 33rd out of 48 teams. It wasn’t only about placing, it was about having a good time. About 1500 people came to this event and raised 4,900,000 yen. This year again the TYIS Dance Team performed on stage at the opening ceremony. They looked proud and we heard nice comments from the crowd. YMCA events are always fun and meaningful. Let’s talk about what you felt and continue to build our ''SPIRIT'' strong.

Bottle Caps & their Impact 2016!

We collected our 1st bin of bottle caps and have started on #2!! Our bottle caps will help provide children in developing countries with medicine and vaccines for diseases such as polio and so on. It is amazing to see how enthusiastic children are when given opportunities to help and care for others. This new push in bottle cap collecting also comes at a great timing as we refocus and implement the YMCA 4 Core Values in all grade levels. Bring in bottle caps & contribute!!