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Welcome to Science Fair International "SciFI"!

TYIS hosts an international science fair to inspire young minds.
If you are an educator, student, or administrator who is interested in participating in SciFi 2017,  please feel free to contact the TYIS office.
We will look forward to seeing you!

●DATE: Friday April 7th     Open at 10am

Join us for a day of scientific exploration as students from across Tokyo put their work display.

Meet professionals in science and engineering fields. Representatives from NASA, JAXA and RIKEN will be describing what its like to be scientist.

●RESERVATION:  Call to TYIS Office 03-3615-5632 or email to tyis@tokyoymca.org

* Science Fair International (SciFI) was created in 2010 by Ravi Narayanan as an additional event for his live-in-japan.com not-for-profit organization. In 2011 Christopher Holland, TYIS School Manager, became the sole organizer of this event.

Further details ⇒ link