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Pakistan Floods - Relief Operations Update

Lahore YMCA has continued its emergency relief work to the flood affected areas in Pakistan. Recently, APAY (Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs) Executive Secretary Cristina Dalope joined their YMCA relief team in Kot Addu, Muzaffargarh during her assessment visit of their emergency good practices and movement strengthening process last 2-9 October. The village was more than 8 hours drive from Lahore toward south in the southern Pujab. This area was severely affected by the floods and floodwater still persists. They started their relief efforts in August and had serviced three areas in Northern Pakistan - Noshera, Charsadda and Risalpur. Last September, another group of relief team was organized to distribute food rations of 10 kg bag of flour, rice, sugar, pulses, cooking oil, tea and dry milk in the areas of Muzaffargarh.

From General Secretary of Lahore YMCA, "We are happy to note that more movements have come forward to strengthen our efforts to support the flood victims of Pakistan. We had been able to make some efforts to share their sufferings in their crucial time entrapped in a murky environment following the flood, providing them with emergency relief with food rations. Thank you for your support and prayers."
They express their appreciation to the YMCAs of Canada, Germany, Japan, Macau, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Y Care International for supporting Pakistan's relief work.

TYIS students raised 294,022 yen by selling "Fight for the flood" bracelets, and raised 75,436 yen by collecting donations at Toyocho station. In total, we are going to have over 500,000 yen to send directly to the YMCA in Pakistan. We thank everybody's support!