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TYIS Summer School Program 2019 (June 24th - July 12th)

TYIS is offering our summer school program as an additional English experience during the summer vacation.It will be a great opportunity for the students to strengthen their English skills this summer holiday.
If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

Phone: 03-3615-5632
Office Hours: 8:00-16:00 (Monday-Friday)

Please check out the details and come and join our TYIS Summer School and have a great time!

◆Basic details are;
・Time: 9am to 3pm
・Cost: 43,200yen (tax included)
・Each program has 5 days and 6 hours in a day.

Refer to the link below ⇒ 

【Session 1 (June 24th-28th)】
1. Mr. Lara's Stop-Motion Animation Course: For gradesG1 - G6
2. Mr. Serpico's Museum World Tour: For grades K5-G7
3. Miss Robbins's Music Video Workshop:For grades K5-G7
4. Mr. Zaffino's Sports School: For grades K5-G7
5. Ms. Solano & Ms. Akashi's Intensive English & Field Trip:For grades K5- G3

【Session 2 (July 1st. to 5th)】

1. Mr. Lara's Toontastic 3D :For grades G1 - G6
2. Mr. Serpico's Chess Boot Camp : For grades K5 -G7
3.Miss Robbins's Needlepoint Workshop:For grades K5 -G7
4.Mr. Zaffino's Ukulele for Beginners:For grades K5 -G7
5.Ms. Yukako's Song Writing Music Workshop:For grades K5-6

【Session 3 (July 8th to 12th)】
1. Mr. Lara's Robotics: Path/Blockly Programming for Dash Robot :For grades G2 - G7
2. Miss Robbins's Math Word Problem Workshop: For grades K5 -G7
3. Ms. Yukako's Rappin' and Rhymin' Music Composition:For grades G1- G6
4.Ms. Zyvatkauskas's Structured Writing Course:For grades K5 -G7


Additional Summer School Notes:

• Students can order school lunch. We will send you the order form later if you need.
• There is no bus service for the summer school program.

How to Apply and Payment

Please submit the application form first.Application Form⇒
Please pay the Summer Program fee by bank transfer to the TYIS account with your child's name, by June 14th. An individual invoice and receipt will not be issued for this payment. Please keep the bank's payment confirmation.

<TYIS Account>
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank, Kanda Branch
Futsu (ordinary) Account #1179893 Koueki Zaidanhoujin Tokyo YMCA


Please call the TYIS office directly. Cancellation is accepted only during office hours (8:00am-4:00pm/ except for Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays).
Cancellation fees will apply as follows:
8 days before the program starts - refund 100%
1-7 days before the program starts - refund 70%
Same day the program starts - refund 50%
*Parents will receive the refunds less the transfer fee. 
*No refund after the program starts