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Science Experiments by Japanese High School Teachers

On Thursday, January 13, a group of Science teachers from Japanese high schools came to TYiS and conducted some science experiments for our students. This was the second time they visited our school this year. There were three teachers: Mr. Kazuhiro Miyamoto from Kaisei Jr./Sr. High School, Ms. Eiko Nishizawa from Japan Women's University High School and Ms. Kyoko Kashiwa from Obirin Jr./Sr. High School.
This time, the students learned about liquid nitrogen by observing two different experiments. Before the experiments, Mr. Miyamoto explained that liquid nitrogen is around -200℃、 and asked if students can imagine how cold that is. Many students were surprised at the temperature, and were excited to learn more.
After the introduction, students were divided into small groups and conducted their first experiment by putting a flower into liquid nitrogen to observe what happens. After they put the flower in the nitrogen for a few seconds, they took it out and the flower was frozen solid! When they touched it, they noticed the coldness of the liquid nitrogen and the flower started to fall into pieces.

The second experiment was conducted by Mr. Miyamoto. He demonstrated changing oxygen into a liquid form by using the nitrogen. Mr. Miyamoto filled a clear plastic bag with oxygen, and put that bag into the liquid nitrogen. In a few minutes, the plastic bag started to shrink and the oxygen turned into a light blue liquid!
He then put an incense stick on the fire. He asked the students to guess what would happen when he put the stick into the liquid oxygen. Many students answered the fire might go out, because if you put fire into a liquid such as water, it usually goes out. When Mr. Miyamoto put the incense stick into the liquid oxygen, the fire became bigger and it burned faster. He explained that the oxygen helps to burn things and even if the oxygen is liquid, it still helps combustion.
Through these experiments, all the students (and teachers) learned many things. Mr. Miyamoto and the other Japanese teachers told us that they learned a lot from our students as well. They said TYiS students are very curious and have many questions. They don't hesitate to ask questions, as compared to Japanese students. They told us that curious students motivate them to teach.
It was great experience for all the students and teachers! We thank the teachers for spending this valuable time with us!