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Culture Week has just started!

Culture Week will be held from April 4th-8th! This year we are staying a little closer to home. We will explore Japanese and Korean culture through the arts. Culture Week will also be our kick-off for our service projects to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

We are honored to have special guest Fuma Yamane. He will do a traditional sword demonstration. One of our student's parents has arranged for a special demonstration of Taekwondo. We will also be able to pound on drums thanks to Kazuhisa Tazuke from the Korean YMCA. We will keep the beat going strong by listening to the sounds of Hachijo Daiko Kitamada. They are a local taiko drumming troupe based in Tokyo.

Our culminating event will be on Friday. Our eyes will behold a kaleidoscope of colors as students continue their day in their traditional clothing. We will have an all-school potluck and enjoy traditional delicacies throughout Asia!