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Ski Camp 2012

January 17th to 20th was the annual TYiS ski camp at Myoko-kogen in Niigata Prefecture. We stayed three nights at the Tokyo YMCA lodge. All attending TYiS students had a great time skiing!

During the day, students were divided into small groups depending on to their skiing ability. The intermediate and advanced skiers took the ski lift and went up the mountain with their teachers. Some of them took a Gondola which goes to the top of the mountain for a more exciting ski experience! The beginners first practiced skiing at the bottom of the slope. Once they learned how to slow down and control their speed, they took the ski lift higher on the mountain! After two full days of skiing, many students became competent skiers!

During our time at ski camp, the upper graders not only learned to better skiers, but were very helpful with the younger students. They experienced the importance of helping others through this camp!