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東京YMCA山中湖センター100周年記念募金委員会 委員長 上田晶平

<募金目標額> 2000万円 (費用総額3000万円)

1.キャンプ100人招待プログラム  合計500


. プログラム施設の新設  合計1,000万円
① クライミングウォールの設置 ・・・500万円
② アーチェリーレンジの設置 ・・・100万円
③ チームビルディングアクティビティー用屋外設備の設置


3.宿泊棟内の各設備のリノベーション 合計1,500万円
① 宿泊室の内装リニューアル(扉、床、壁、天井、ベッドの更新など)11部屋・・・700万円
② トイレ、シャワールームの刷新(トイレ設備の更新、シャワールームの新設)・・・800万円


▼銀行振込、窓口募金 募金期間 2023年11月1日(水)~2024年3月31日(金)

三菱UFJ銀行(0005) 神田支店(331)
普通預金 1193290 公益財団法人東京YMCA ザイ)トウキヨウワイエムシイエイ

例)トウキョウタロウ 09012345678


● ご寄付いただいた方のお名前は、東京YMCAの機関紙やホームページに掲載させていただきます。
● 3万円以上ご寄付いただいた方は、キャンプ場に設置する100周年記念銘板にお名前を掲載させていただきます。
※匿名をご希望の方は事務局へご連絡ください。(TEL: 03-3202-0323 E-mail:yamanakako100@tokyoymca.org)

● 10万円以上ご寄付いただいた方は、キャンプ場に敷設する記念銘板と記念タイルにお名前を掲載させていただきます。








住所 東京都新宿区西早稲田2-18-12
TEL 03-3202-0323
山中湖100周年記念募金アドレス yamanakako100@tokyoymca.org

[Yamanakako Center 100th Anniversary Fundraiser] What you can do for the children of the future - (10/1~)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported Yamanakako Center over the years, and to continue to work together with everyone to maintain and develop this campground for the future, we will be holding a "Yamanakako Center 100th Anniversary Fundraiser". Your understanding and support would be greatly appreciated.

<Greetings from the Chairperson>

For 100 years since its opening in 1923, Lake Yamanaka Center, located on the shores of Lake Yamanaka with a view of Mt. Fuji, has been offering boating, canoeing, barbecues and campfires to children, including those with disabilities, families and forest schools.
In celebration of its 100th anniversary, the camp is investing in its future with a view to the next 100 years by building a climbing wall and other various program facilities, and renovating accommodation rooms and other facilities to make them easier for families and small groups to use. In addition, we are planning to invite 100 children who have been unable to attend the camp for financial reasons to the camp for free.

Shohei Ueda, Chairman, Tokyo YMCA Lake Yamanaka Center 100th Anniversary Fundraising Committee

<Donation Target> 20 million yen (Total cost: 30 million yen)

<Use of donations>
1. 100 Campers Invitation Program: 5 million yen total
We will invite 100 children who are unable to attend camps for various reasons, such as children who are unable to attend camps for financial reasons, children with foreign roots, etc., to the camps free of charge. 2.

2. New Program Facilities: 10 million yen total
We will build new facilities with the themes of "challenge" and "connection with friends" to nurture a sense of fulfillment, achievement, and rich growth for users.
a- Installation of a climbing wall ・・・ 5 million yen
b- Installation of an archery range ・・・ 1 million yen
c- Installation of outdoor facilities for team building activities
(Giant seesaw, Tarzan ropes, log rides, etc.) ・・・ 4 million yen 3.

3. Renovation of each facility in the lodging building Total 15 million yen
We will renovate accommodation rooms to improve comfort and convenience so that families and small groups can easily use them.
a- Interior renovation of accommodation rooms (doors, floors, walls, ceilings, bed renewal, etc.) 11 rooms - 7 million yen
b- Renovation of restrooms and shower rooms (renewal of restroom facilities and construction of new shower rooms): 8 million yen

<Donation Methods>

-Bank transfers, over the counter donations Donation period November 1, 2023 (Wednesday) ~ March 31, 2024 (Friday)

Details will be announced at the start of the fundraising period.
Donations to the Tokyo YMCA Foundation are subject to preferential tax treatment for income tax, corporate tax, and inheritance tax. In addition, some municipalities also allow a tax deduction for donations for individual inhabitant tax purposes.

For details, please refer to the website and consult your local tax office or tax accountant.

<About Yamanakako Center>

The Yamanaka Lake Center is designed with a universal design that makes use of the flat terrain to eliminate as many steps as possible, and has handrails in the restrooms, bathrooms, and other areas to make it easy for young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities to use. The facility is only about 2 hours from central Tokyo, and is widely used for overnight childcare, forest schools, training, and other purposes.